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Quiet Desk
Balance + Bliss Accounting

Letting you focus on your bliss

Laptop and Flowers

Our Philosophy.

B+B Accounting believes each business has a unique story and are all in different chapters. Numbers mean nothing without context and we care about helping document and write your story. ​

B+B Accounting is here to help organize your story and provide you the tools to focus on your business goals and reach your balance.

I can’t wait to meet you and help your story grow.

Plants and Coffees

Our Process.

We'll start with an introduction of your business and determine the best plan to get you closer to achieving your goals.


Each month we'll maintain your books and review your financial reports to ensure accuracy. At year-end we'll provide reports to your tax preparer and make the necessary closing entries after the return has been completed.

Our consulting services can provide additional support with long-term goals and we can work to meet your custom reporting needs. 

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